Call for Papers

Asia Pacific Economic Business History Conference 2020
Impacts of Colonization on Indigenous Populations
Canberra, 13 – 15 February 2020

The Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand (EHSANZ) invite papers and proposals for sessions of the Asia Pacific Economic and Business History (APEBH) Conference to be held at the Australian National University from February 13-15, 2020. The organizers welcome proposals for contributions on the conference theme, “Colonization and Indigenous Populations.” While submissions for papers or panels on the conference topic will be given preference, submissions on all topics in economic history are welcome.

It has been approximately 600 years since modern colonization took off in earnest around the globe. While there was regional variation in the indigenous response to the experience, by and large, in a relatively short period, the colonizers took over the lands they conquered leaving the indigenous populations on the economic periphery. What have the economic, social, and cultural impacts been on indigenous populations across the world? What are the laws, institutions, and policies that have impacted indigenous people?

Our theme could be approached from a number of perspectives, including those of the cliometrician, the economic historian, the economic theorist, the business historian, the applied economist, the historian of economic thought, as well as the social historian. There is ample scope for new interpretations, new findings, as well as syntheses of existing work.

The Butlin Keynote lecture will be given by Deborah Oxley of the University of Oxford. In keeping with the theme of the conference, the topic will be the impact of colonization on Indigenous Populations.

Researchers across a broad range of disciplines are warmly welcomed. Early career researchers are especially encouraged to participate. The conference organisers are also particularly interested in attracting papers that examine topics in the context of the Asia-Pacific region and papers that provide an international comparative perspective, especially in relation to pre-contact and settler-economies such as Australia, New Zealand and the wider Pacific.

Current students, and recent PhDs (awarded since February 2018) who do not have institutional support and present a paper at the Conference are eligible for free registration and a free ticket to the Conference dinner. 

If you require any particular arrangements, for example refereeing of your paper, please let us know with your submission.

All abstracts, proposals for sessions, or papers for refereeing should be emailed to by 30 November 2019. Papers received before the deadline will be reviewed earlier.