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International Macro History Online Seminar 
The autumn 2020 sessions of the International Macro History Online Seminar will run from 23 September to 9 December 2020 and will take place virtually every Wednesday at 17:00 (Geneva time). The seminars will run for 60 minutes with extra an optional 15 minutes for further discussion (primarily with graduate students).
macro seminar

The Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand is the professional society for economic and business historians in Australia and New Zealand. It is the publisher of the Australian Economic History Review: An Asia-Pacific Journal of Economic, Business and Social History. The journal is published 3 times a year in March, July and November.

The aims of the EHSANZ are

  • to promote the teaching, study and understanding of Economic History;
  • to disseminate knowledge in the field of Economic History;
  • and to encourage the conservation of historical materials and artefacts.

Its main activities include:

  • management of the Australian Economic History Review
  • organisation of conferences and conference sessions in economic history
  • award of prizes
  • operation of website and email list

To learn more about the Society and its activities, to join the Society, subscribe to the Australian Economic History Review, and learn more about online resources for economic history, follow the links below.

Constitution of the EHSANZ

Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand Office Bearers

Contact information:

Associate Professor Lionel Frost, President
email: lionel.frost@monash.edu

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